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Written by Scott M. Jones   
Sunday, 10 July 2011 20:20

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Sunday, September 4, 2011



10:00 a.m.

Wikileaks Update

The latest news concerning the whistleblowing site Wikileaks and the legal issues for Julian Assange.

Paul Toppins, James Smith

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 41

Audio files: Wikileaks_2011.mp3 | Wikileaks_2011.ogg 

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11:30 a.m.

XMRV, CFS, and the Internet: How Patient Communities Are Changing Medicine

How the Internet and patient advocacy is changing research and medicine, using the XMRV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome controversy as a case study.

Dr. John Cmar

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 24

Audio files: XMRV_CFS_and_the_Internet_2011.mp3  | XMRV_CFS_and_the_Internet_2011.ogg 

Slides (PDF): XMRV CFS Dragoncon 2011.pdf

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1:00 p.m.

Copyright 101

How does copyright work? Do you have to register? What if someone uses your work without permission? Do it yourself or use an attorney?

Courtney Lytle Perry

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 55

Audio files: Copyright101_2011.mp3 | Copyright101_2011.ogg 

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2:30 p.m.

Mobile Device Forensics

Just how easy is it for law enforcement agents to conduct investigations using your cell phone or portable tablet? What about for civil matters?

Geoff Termorshuizen, Kara Mikos

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 108

Audio files: Mobile_Device_Forensics_2011.mp3 | Mobile_Device_Forensics_2011.ogg 

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4:00 p.m.

Wikipedia Q&A

Your Wikipedia questions answered by major contributors as well as someone who is the subject of a major article.

Elonka Dunin, Hilary Lipko

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 38

Audio files: Wikipedia_QA_2011.mp3 | Wikipedia_QA_2011.ogg 

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5:30 p.m.

Down and Dirty Internet Marketing

How to get your stuff noticed. How to interest potential readers, viewers, listeners, etc.

Gail Z. Martin, Sascha Illyvich, Kiernan Kelly, Kayelle Allen

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 127

Audio files: Internet_Marketing_2011.mp3  | Internet_Marketing_2011.ogg 

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7:00 p.m.


A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to produce a successful web-based comic strip series, given by both new and established webcomic artists.

Bill Holbrook, John Lotshaw, Howard Tayler, Hunter Cressall, Jennie Breeden, Dern, Obsidian Abnormal

Hilton Crystal Ballroom (1st floor) | Attendance: 125

Audio files: Webcomics_2011.mp3 | Webcomics_2011.ogg 

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8:30 p.m.

10 Rules for Dealing With Police Encounters

Knowing and asserting your rights along with common sense can greatly improve the outcome of any police encounter. Documentary by

Kara Mikos

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 73

Audio files: 10Rules_for_dealing_with_police_2011.mp3  | 10Rules_for_dealing_with_police_2011.ogg 

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10:00 p.m.

Hacking 201

Q&A from our panel of experts. Play "stump the hacker", maybe you'll win a prize! Brought to you by

Elonka Dunin, Randal L. Schwartz, jonny X, Chad Ramey

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 140

Audio files: Hacking201_2011.mp3 | Hacking201_2011.ogg 

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