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Written by Scott M. Jones   
Saturday, 09 July 2011 19:07

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    Friday, September 2, 2011



    10:00 a.m.

    Firesheep: All Your Sessions Are Belong To Us

    What is a session anyway, and how can it be compromised? We show you how to protect yourself on public networks.

    Blake Sorensen, Keith Watson

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 65

    Audio files: Firesheep-All_your_sessions_are_belong_2011.mp3 | Firesheep-All_your_sessions_are_belong_2011.ogg 

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    11:30 a.m.

    D-Wave One: The First Commercial Quantum Computer

    The first quantum computer is now available on the market. Who is buying them and why? Are they ready for prime time? Can encryption be broken?

    Dr. Stephen Granade

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 111

    Audio files: D-Wave1_First_quantum_computer_2011.mp3 | D-Wave1_First_quantum_computer_2011.ogg 

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    1:00 p.m.

    Knights Templar

    The mysterious Order of the Knights Templar is often referred to in modern books, films, and games. How much is known about this organization?

    Elonka Dunin

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 97

    Audio files: Knights_Templar_2011.mp3 | Knights_Templar_2011.ogg 

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    2:30 p.m.

    California Violent Video Games Law Supreme Court Case

    We'll examine the recent Supreme Court victory for freedom of (gaming) speech and what it means to the gaming industry.

    Brian Green, Andrew Greenberg, Blake Sorensen, TJ Mihill

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 52

    Audio files: Calif_violent_video_games_law_2011.mp3  | Calif_violent_video_games_law_2011.ogg 

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    4:00 p.m.


    Copyright litigation as a business model, will it hold up in court?

    Paul Toppins, Kara Mikos, TJ Mihill

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 29

    Audio files: Righthaven_2011.mp3  | Righthaven_2011.ogg 

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    5:30 p.m.

    How NOT to Get Into the Gaming Industry

    A humorous look at all the wrong things to do to get into the gaming industry.

    Elonka Dunin, Brian Green, Andrew Greenberg, Blake Sorensen, Erin Hoffman, David Godwin

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 102

    Audio files: How_not_to_get_into_the_gaming_industry_2011.mp3  | How_not_to_get_into_the_gaming_industry_2011.ogg 

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    7:00 p.m.


    Hackerspaces, or maker spaces, are increasing in number and popularity. How can you find them, and what can you expect?

    Buddy Smith, Jeff Cotten

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 85

    Audio files: HackerSpace_2011.mp3  | HackerSpace_2011.ogg 

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    8:30 p.m. 

    Social Gaming

    Talk by game designers producing games for social networks such as Facebook. What makes social gaming special?

    Elonka Dunin, Erin Hoffman, David Godwin

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 20

    Audio files: Social_gaming_2011.mp3 | Social_gaming_2011.ogg 

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    10:00 p.m.


    Internet-based resources and advice for aspiring erotic writers.

    Sascha Illyvich, Kiernan Kelly, Kayelle Allen

    Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 92

    Audio files: WriteSex_2011.mp3 | WriteSex_2011.ogg 

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    11:30 p.m. 


    One of the fastest growing alternative adult social sites-We cover risks and rewards of putting your personal life online when you're "different".

    TheBruce, QuotationPaws, Mushroomkitty, Murchadh, TheLamia, Raheer, grrl_pepper, BarefootNakedGuy, Vincentarasin

    Hilton Crystal Ballroom (1st floor) | Attendance: 177

    Not recorded.

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