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2011 Schedule Monday PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott M. Jones   
Sunday, 10 July 2011 20:21

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Monday, September 5, 2011



10:00 a.m.

Legality of Cosplay and Fan Art (Cancelled)

We discuss the legality of images, media, and products created by fans, professionals, and companies using licensed works.

Clifton Tunnell

Hilton Room 201
Cancelled due to speaker (un)availability.

11:30 a.m.

Domain Seizures, COICA, and the Protect IP Act

The Feds think that seizing domains will shut down copyright violators. What are the unintended consequences, and easy circumventions?

Geoff Termorshuizen, Kara Mikos, Courtney Lytle Perry, TJ Mihill

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 26

Audio files: ProtectIP_COICA_Domain_seizures_2011.mp3  | ProtectIP_COICA_Domain_seizures_2011.ogg 

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1:00 p.m.

Bittorrent: Happy 10th Birthday

It's been 10 years since file-sharing protocol Bittorrent was publicly launched. Why has it survived and prospered to dominate P2P?

Andrew Norton, TJ Mihill

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 30

Audio files: Bittorrent_happy_10th_birthday_2011.mp3  | Bittorrent_happy_10th_birthday_2011.ogg 

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2:30 p.m.

Global Game Jam

Teams of both amateur and professional game developers meet simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world to make games, all in one weekend.

Elonka Dunin

Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 15

Audio files: Global_Game_Jam_2011.mp3 | Global_Game_Jam_2011.ogg 

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4:00 p.m.

Bitcoin: The New Goldrush

Bitcoin is the new totally distributed, totally anonymous online currency. We'll discuss how it works, security risks, and current controversies.


Hilton Room 201 | Attendance: 41

Audio files: Bitcoin_2011.mp3 | Bitcoin_2011.ogg 

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